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Feasibility studies and design of tailor-made robot
Our Design and R&D team leverage on 30 years of Robosoft precision mechatronic, electronics and embedded software expertise to market made-to-measure robots. An example of our work is the SAM security robot designed for the company Robots Security Systems.

Verification, validation and product compliance
Leveraging on our strong expertise in robotics product testing (test bench, testing procedures) and safety and dependability analysis, we are able to propose to our clients an external and independent verification and validation service for their products.
RSMPhoto credits: Robots Security Systems


In addition to the maintenance of its own robotics solutions, Robosoft Europe also ensure the maintenance of third party solutions. Our service can cover your entire product range or part of it. An example of our work is the maintenance of the PackBot military robots for the company Endeavorrobotics.
PBPhoto credits: Endeavorrobotics


Q. Which navigation technology are you using to operate your robots?

A. We use Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) technology relying on an embedded laser scanner.

Q. While using the laser technology, will it be hazardous to health?

A. Our lasers are class 1 certified according to the IEC 60825 norm, which are safe for users.

Q. Which battery technology are you using?

A. Our robots are using embedded LiFePo4 batteries. This technology is the most suitable for fast and regular charging (without to having to wait for the battery to be depleted before recharging).

Q. What is the average autonomy of your robots?

A. Our robots’ autonomy depends on its mode of application.

Q. I can't find a suitable robot among your products. Can you help?

A. Yes. We will discuss your requirements and assess the extent of product customization required.

Q. How do you integrate the fleet management and task assignment software in the Information System?

A. Depending on your IT policy, we can install the software on either a physical server, a virtual server or a dedicated server (installed by Robosoft).

Q. What are your products' lifetime?

A. Our products can last several decades, provided you adhere to our standard maintenance operations.