All our vehicles operate autonomously and require no extra infrastructure as they use pre-defined paths according to their assignments.
The vehicles also navigate using localisation features and laser sensors which includes automatic detection and avoidance features.


Stacy is designed for transporting heavy carts and containers without modifying the transported carts. As Stacy is able to rotate around its center the space needed for its maneuver is limited the length of the vehicle.


Cary is designed for narrow spaces and is more compact (as compared to Stacy) with a cart base plate and bidirectional features.
The space needed for Cary’s self rotation manoeuvre is approximate to the length of the vehicle.


Engy is a compact and agile light carrier designed for confined spaces. Its modular design enables it to adapt its loading capabilities according to its carrying capacity.

System Management Software

The System Management Software is the fleet and task management software for the autonomous vehicles fleet. It ensures the best possible resources allocation during the transport assignments.

The software is able to interface with virtual and physical infrastructure such as passenger and freight elevators, logistics hubs, fire alarms, or the client’s Information System.

It is able to monitor the fleet in real time and generate operations data that can be used to optimise the whole transport solution.




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